Airports no longer just have a pay on foot car park close to the terminal and a long stay car park away from the airport. Airports are now small cities with complex infrastructure and even more complex parking requirements.

The demand from customers to prebook, from taxi companies to drop off at the terminal and the desire to use digital payment solutions has increased over the last 5 years. Providing multiple parking and multiple payment options together with pressure on every business to provide EV charging usually means multiple providers with little integration.

What is required is a fully integrated parking ecosystem ready for parking now, and ready for parking in the future.


Our airport solution enables you to facilitate every parking need your customer could require. Out of airport long stay, short stay, drop off, taxis and everything in between. With our solution you can utilise freeflow for full barrier less parking as well as barriered parking for total revenue protection.

Combine standard physical payment solutions with prebooking, autopay and mobile payments all on the same solution. Add in fully integrated EV charging for park and charge on the same ticket and parking guidance for efficient parking navigation.

All the customer focused parking solutions will be managed by our web based, available anywhere, parking control solution for complete visibility of your estate. Our parking insights solution will then layer analytics into your business.

Airports are large, complex ecosystems that require bespoke solutions. Working with our professional services, all your requirements can be designed and deployed to ensure your customers have the ultimate parking experience.

Available Technology

ANPR Entry & Exit

ANPR based entry that can be barriered to manage entry or freeflow to maximise ease of entry. ANPR based exit that can be barriered for full revenue protection or freeflow to maximise ease of exit. Ticketless for reduced operational cost or ticket reduced to allow for entry and exit even if the licence plate cannot be not read.

Physical Payments

Physical, cashless payments provided by pay machines in the car park as well as at exit giving your parkers every opportunity to pay.

Digital Payments

Digital payments using smartphones. No app, just a QR code in the car park so customers never have to touch a pay machine. Simple Park, Pay and Go.

EV Charging

Fully integrated EV charging spaces enabling “park and charge” in one payment. Multiple tariff options as standard based upon start-up, time or usage as well as overstay.

Pay in Advance

Pre-booking a space to ensure your customers know they can just drive in and park. Subscriptions for regular customers and staff tailored to your customers. Contract parkers managed by your business customers.

Pay Now

Registered users can use your car parks in the simplest way possible. Once registered, just drive in, park, then leave. Payment for their parking session will be automatically taken on exit. No app, no waiting in line.


Basic reporting has always been a core requirement. Parking insights is also now seen as a basic need. Analyse all parking data from individual car parks to your entire estate. Dashboards customised to your exact needs displaying all the data your business requires.


Centralised management of your entire estate is an efficiency boost for your operations team. Web based with a mobile app, tasks can be assigned and dealt with anywhere, saving time and costs.

Solution Subscription

All your core parking licences, and software paid per lane for a monthly subscription. Add advanced functionality when required for a complete subscription service.

Benefits for you

  • Central Management
    Our management tools give you complete visibility of your estate. Whether it is the core parking platform, ANPR, tariffs, parkers, or reporting, all your needs are covered.
  • Comprehensive Reporting

    As part of our reporting platform, individual reports can be configured to ensure you and your business is up to date with every aspect of the parking ecosystem.

  • Integrated Ecosystem
    As with all SKIDATA hardware and software solutions, the ecosystem is fully integrated. Each component works seamlessly in a single converged environment making sure you get the best out of your parking platform.
  • Flexible Parking Solution
    Our airport solution is designed for you. It will grow with you. When your needs change, it will flex with you, making sure you have the right solution at the right time. From simple entry and exit solution with validations to full scale reservations, parker management and guidance systems.
  • 24×7 Service and Support
    Our online service portal gives you always on access to your service calls. Our 24×7 service desk gives you the knowledge that we are there to support you when you need us.
  • Simple Tariff Management
    Tariffs can be managed from one single platform for all your parkers – staff, passengers, visitors, blue badge. Tariffs can be set per group so you can ensure each parker is charged the correct amount, whichever carpark they go to.

Benefits for your customers

  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Pay in Advance with pre-booked spaces, permits for multiple visits, register, and pay automatically on exit with Pay Now, Pay Later using a simple website, digitise your payments with mobile payments or pay with card or phone on one of our pay machines.

  • B2B Subscriptions
  • Multiple vehicle management allows your business customers to manage their own fleet with a central management platform and simple payment options.

  • Multiple Parking Options
  • Long term off airport parking, short term parking, drop off. Choose the best option for each journey. Offering your customers the same efficient parking experience whichever car park they choose.

  • EV Charging
  • There is a need to encourage low carbon travel and we have seen an increase in electric vehicle use. Adding EV chargers provides a valuable service for all visitors who drive EVs as well as improving air quality and reducing emissions near sensitive communities. It will also add a “green” dimension to the overall perception of the healthcare environment.

  • Wayfinding
  • Good signage within the parking technology plays a huge role in simplifying the arrival experience. This process can start before any of the parkers arrive with parking information made available online. It’s easy to see how important it is to make wayfinding clear and efficient.

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