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There are many ways to pay for parking – at the payment machine, with a reservation or subscription and on a payment platform after you have left the car park. All of these options are great, but they all have one thing in common. They require periodical interaction with the parking system, either before parking with a reservation, every month or two with a subscription, or after every parking session at a pay machine or using mobile pay.

Although these payment solutions give every customer options, there is an easier way, an easier journey for your customers. Pay Now. Once your customers have registered – which is a simple and quick process – they don’t need to do anything other than drive in, park, and drive out. Payment is taken automatically on exit. Your customers do not need to do anything.


  • Know your customers
    Turn anonymous customers into known, regular and loyal customers. Once registered your customers can drive in, park and drive out using autopay. Registration can be done during the parking session to allow for rollup customers.
  • Simple Customer Journey
    There is no simpler customer journey. No stopping or touching a pay machine, no stopping and tapping at the exit. Just drive in, park, drive out.
  • Understand your customers
    Adding Pay Now gives you an online presence for your estate. This means more of your customers can register and therefore park in any and all of your car parks. You will know who your customers are, when they have parked and how long they parked for. You will have their details as they become registered users. Know who they are, know their parking patterns.

Simple Solution

  1. Drive In
    Drive up to the barrier, ANPR recognises your licence plate, the barrier will open, drive through.
  1. Park
    Find a parking space and enjoy your trip.
  1. Drive Out
    When you have finished your stay, drive up to the barrier, ANPR recognises your licence plate, the barrier will open. Simply drive out. Payment will automatically be taken.

Benefits for you

  • Available across all devices, the user interface maximises the usability for your customers. A simple one off registration for all of your car parks means quick registration for your customers.
  • Seamless integration enables your customers to enter the parking ourney without hassle. Build your very individual look and feel and easily integrate into your web presence. The interface is completely customisable. Build dedicated webshops to be your preferred look and feel. It is easily configured with full preview before going live. Each webshop can have identical or completely different branding.
  • Pay Now is enabled across multiple facilities so a single e-commerce solution will cover hundreds of facilities. With one registration, your customers can park in any of your facilities, keeping customers in your ecosystem.

Benefits for your customers

  • Pay Now means registering once and your customers can park in any of your car parks. This will increase your customers convenience when parking.
  • With an intuitive do it yourself registration solution, the webshop is ready to use on every device giving your customers easy access to your car parks.



Completely configurable, customisable and brandable web presence. Your shop window for all of your car parks, your reservations and your subscriptions.

Hosted Platform

Hosted in redundant data centres, the ecommerce platform is your dedicated solution ready when your customers are. Integrated fully with the payments platform for a true, one stop shop.


The SKIDATA parking software is the core of every car park. The Pay In Advance platform is the only e-commerce solution completely integrated into Parking.Logic. Once the reservation or subscription is confirmed, the details will automatically be configured onsite. There is nothing for you to do.

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