Experience Centre

Visit the APT SKIDATA Customer Experience Centre for an immersive journey in parking, stadium & arena solutions.

What is the Experience Centre?

“The SKIDATA Experience Centre is a new way to welcome our customers and future customers into the world of parking & mobility, stadiums & attractions.
Our solutions are designed to make sure your customers reach their final destination as efficiently as possible. We are part of your customers’ journey, whether that is going into a car park, or going into a stadium or attraction.
We are focussed on the customer journey, the customer experience and the customer touchpoints, showing our solutions that will fulfil whatever that means to you and your customers. One size no longer fits all. It is about designing a solution for your customers to get in and out of a car park, to get in and out of a stadium. Digital solutions are at the forefront of our minds, but ensuring the right solution is in place is our priority.
We are here to listen to you, deliver success for you, and grow with you.”

Steve Murphy, Managing Director, APT SKIDATA

What will we show you?

Part of every customer journey are the customer touchpoints. We will show you how each part of our hardware solutions will enhance the customer experience, and improve the customer journey.

Digital Payments

Pre-booking, subscriptions, pay per use and pay later. Complete ecommerce solutions built for you & developed with you.

Mobile Payments

App free mobile payments for your car park. Simply scan a QR code and pay using your phone. 

Physical Payments

Card only, cash & card and indoor payment machines giving your customers every payment option.

Entry & Exit

Barriers, columns, ANPR or totally free flowing. Tickets or no tickets. It is entirely up to you.

EV Charging

Park & Charge means that parking and EV charging can be paid for in a single transaction. No operators, no app, all the revenue to you.

Parking Operations

Parking control & parking analytics across all of your car parks, on any web enabled device.

Stadium & Arena Entry

Turnstiles & readers. Either an addition to your current hardware, or completely new installation. Manual entry, QR code or NFC eTicket.

NFC eTickets

NFC eTickets will reduce fraud, reduce ticket costs and increase convenience and speed.

What will we talk about?

Customer Journey

The car park is part of the journey and not the destination. Getting your customers to their destination needs to be efficient and simple.

Customer Experience

We want the car park to be the most forgettable experience. Your customers do not want to remember the car park, they want to remember the experience of their destination.

Customer Touchpoints

At every point where we interact with your customers, we want to make it simple.

Sit in the Experience Centre Stadium…and let us take you on your journey.


We can show you customer journeys in many segments:

  • Airports
  • Shopping
  • Hospitals
  • Education
  • Towns & Cities
  • Multi-Use
  • Stadiums
  • Arenas and Attractions

We can take you through our ready made journeys, but what we really want is to work with you to define your customers’ journeys.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“I didn’t realise the full potential of the SKIDATA ecosystem. The Experience Centre has introduced us to what we want our car parks to be.”


“The Experience Centre has demonstrated the complete customer journey, from booking a concert ticket to parking a car in my reserved space.”