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Digital transformation is here and its here to stay. this digitisation is seen as an app. there is an app for everything and there are dozens of parking payment apps to choose from. Is an app the best way to achieve the digital experience customers need?

Parking apps are everywhere. But there are so many apps that unless customers park in the same car park they will likely need multiple apps to be able to be truly digital across multiple locations. These apps are pretty much the same.

Customer downloads the app, register their personal details, add a payment card and add vehicle information. They then find the car park number, add in how long they have been there for and then pay.

The customer then goes to another town, another car park. There is a different app provider. So, same process.

Customer downloads the app, register their personal details, add a payment card and add vehicle information. They then find the car park number, add in how long they have been there for and then pay. And so on, and so on.

Why do we need an app for parking? What if there was a different way? Let’s provide an app free digital payment experience. An experience that is so simple and so quick, it just becomes habit.

With Mobile Pay, you can go touchless the easy way, with no app and no registration. With Mobile Pay you can

ensure the digital revolution in your car parks, providing a simple solution that minimises waiting times and provides a positive experience for customers.


  • Simple and Fast
    With their smartphone camera, the customer scans the QR code on their short-term parking ticket and immediately is directed to the payment page.Once the payment is complete, the customer exits directly with their ticket.
  • No App, No registration
    The hurdle of having to install your own app or register online is completely eliminated with Mobile Pay.Every smartphone user with a mobile or online payment method can use this service directly and easily.
  • Customer Friendly and Efficient
    Bring your business into the digital age and even more convenience to your customers. Waiting times during the payment process are shortened and satisfaction is increased.In addition, your operational expenses for payment machines are reduced due to fewer resources required for emptying, refilling or general maintenance.

Simple Solution

  1. Scan
    Open the camera app on your phone. Focus on the QR code and open the link that appears.
  1. Pay
    Select the payment method and finish the payment process.
  1. Go
    Drive directly to the exit.

Benefits for you

  • Mobile Pay is simple to set up and efficient to use, reducing the reliance upon and operating costs of pay machines.
  • Whether you have a ticketed or ticketless car park, Mobile Pay simply adds mobile payment functionality without any new hardware.
  • Mobile Pay is mobile first, customisable and brandable. It offers seamless e-commerce payments and the fully integrated SKIDATA ePayments solution.
  • The cost of sale is low, the cost to deploy is low. It is fully integrated into Parking.Logic meaning no 3rd party integrators.

Benefits for your guests

  • A safe & comfortable way to pay for parking.
  • No searching for pay stations.
  • No queuing at the pay stations.
  • No close contact to other people.
  • No touching of coins, bills or cards.
  • No interaction with touchscreens, payment terminals or other physical devices.
  • Touchless by using a smartphone.


No Hardware

No hardware, simple configuration, simple payments. mobile pay is the cost effective digital payments experience.

QR Code

In a ticketed car park, scan the QR code on the ticket. In a ticketless car park, scan the QR code on the poster.

Most smartphones are capable of scanning a QR code. This scanning simply opens up the payment page from the Sweb Platform.

It all starts with a simple QR code.

Payment Page

The payment page is customisable and brandable. It gives your customer the choice of payment solutions, process the payment and then, if configured, will send an e-receipt.

Payment Platform

A true one stop shop including e-commerce payments:

  • Fast, paperless onboarding through online application.
  • Fully serviced: No 3rd parties, 100% secure and robust, PCI certified & PSD2 compliant.
  • Popular payment methods: Visa/Master, ApplePay/GooglePay.

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