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Tickets for attractions and events has traditionally been about paper tickets. Whether that has been from the ticket office or print at home via telephone box office or online, it has been a manual process with physical tickets. This also means that anyone with the ticket can get into the venue or event. Just take the printed ticket to the entrance, show it to the member of staff and get into the event. This is the way it has been for years.

The digital world is now upon us. There is now no need to remember a paper ticket. There is now no need to have a dedicated ticket office or as many staff on the gates. The digital world is a core part of our lives and guests are demanding the convenience and security of the digital world. And they want it in their pocket.

Venue managers want to increase efficiency, increase security, and increase convenience. They want to reduce fraud, eliminate ticket handling costs, and ensure the best end to end experience for their guest.

This is where our digital solutions come in.


Digital ticketing lets you take advantage of the digital world and meet guest expectations. The smartphone is now the centre of our lives. The rapid adoption of travel passes and payments by phone has opened the door for tickets to wallet.

The end-to-end journey for a guest is now fully digital. Purchase from the online retailer, ticket is delivered via email, add the ticket to your guest’s wallet. When they get to the gate hold the phone near the reader. That’s it. The simplest guest journey into your stadium.

There is also the huge benefit of adding parking to your stadium. Whether it is paid parking or just car park control, our integrated solutions give you and your guest options. Book a parking space when the event ticket is booked. Manage staff parking, visitor parking and public parking in the same solution. Use licence plate technology to decide who comes into your car park.

With parking also comes Electric Vehicles. The increase in demand for EV charging has increased rapidly in a very short timeframe. Add fast charging units and connect it to your parking solution for combined park and charge or deploy standalone chargers so staff and guests have easy access to charge their vehicles.

Available Technology

Digital Tickets

Purchase a ticket online and it is delivered straight to your guest’s smartphone. Using NFC readers for the most secure entry saving time for your guests and cost for you.

Digital Entry

Using NFC, RFID or QR ticketing, the mobile optimised readers can either be deployed with our rugged gates or integrated into your existing turnstiles maximising the efficiency of your system.

ANPR Entry & Exit

ANPR based entry that can be barriered to manage entry or freeflow to maximise ease of entry. ANPR based exit that can be barriered for full revenue protection or freeflow to maximise ease of exit. Ticketless for reduced operational cost or ticket reduced to allow for entry and exit even if the licence plate cannot be not read.

Physical Payments

Physical, cashless payments provided by pay machines in the car park as well as at exit giving your parkers every opportunity to pay.

Digital Payments

Digital payments using smartphones. No app, just a QR code in the car park so customers never have to touch a pay machine. Simple Park, Pay and Go.

EV Charging

Fully integrated EV charging spaces enabling “park and charge” in one payment. Multiple tariff options as standard based upon start-up, time or usage as well as overstay.

Pay in Advance

Pre-booking a space to ensure your customers know they can just drive in and park. Subscriptions for regular customers and staff tailored to your customers. Contract parkers managed by your business customers.

Benefits for you

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Identify who is entering your venue, with data you control. Open a direct communication with your guest and gain full insights on your ticket operations. With NFC technology, offer enhanced tickets that cannot be copied optically. Ensure your guests ticket validity while protecting your security operations.

  • Eliminate Ticket Handling Costs
  • Go Mobile with secure digital tickets stored on your guest’s smartphones, replacing traditional paper/RFID tickets. Sending digital tickets saves you time and money. It removes ticket logistics. Effectively lower your costs for tickets and their handling, while your guests benefit from the ease and simplicity of a smartphone ticket.

  • Increase Convenience and Speed
  • Improve usability by automatically pre-populating the guest ticket upon arrival at the gate. Enable the possibility to update ticket information with real-time updates.

Benefits for your customers

  • Digital Tickets
  • No paper. Nothing to print. Everything on the one thing everyone always has on them – their smartphone. Up to date information pushed to the phone via the ticket ensuring guests are always up to date.

  • End to End Access
  • Combine parking access and venue access from a single partner giving your guests a single purchase journey and a single access journey. Buy an event ticket and pay for a parking session in one purchase. Then get into the car park and the event in one smooth journey. No paper tickets, just digital access.

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