Physical Payments


Physical, cashless payments provided by pay machines in the car park as well as at exit giving your parkers every opportunity to pay. The next generation of interactive and multifunctional payment devices that provide the optimum convenience for you and your customers.


  • Multiple Payment Options
    Cash or cashless, physical payment solutions give you and your customers the options you need. The full service Skiosk Smart payment machines offer every option in one device, and the cashless Skiosk Lite payment machines give you cost effective payment options. Add a simple payment device on the exit to even further reduce costs and complexity.
  • Multiple Payment Locations
    Add payment options indoors with the Skiosk Slim, in the car park with the Skiosk Smart and Lite, or at the exit with Pay on Exit, giving your customers every opportunity to pay for their parking.
  • Additional Service Offerings
    Further enhance your offerings using the pay machines as an information centre for your customers. Add a pick-up service for your online bookings and increase your revenues with advertising on the dual purpose screens.

Simple Solution

  1. Scan Your Ticket or Enter Your Licence Plate
    Depending on whether you have a ticketed or ticketless solution, you can either insert your ticket or enter your licence plate number.
  1. Pay With Cash, Card or Phone
    Then either use cash, your payment card or your phone to pay for your parking.
  1. Drive to the exit
    Once you have paid, simply drive to your vehicle to the exit.
Next generation payments

Benefits for you

  • Adding in payment machines ensures your customers have every opportunity to pay. Protect your revenue by adding versatile ticketing with high capacities RFID, barcode and ticketless.
  • The large touchscreen display serves as an advertising platform and information centre so you can communicate with your customers directly.
  • Choose the right payment machine for your car park requirements. Options are available to suit every need.

Benefits for your customers

  • Intuitive and easy to use device with one touch product selection. It also gives your customers the choice of different cashless payment options.
  • Simple remote assistance ensures your customers can be supported at the point they need it and accessibility options ensure all your customers can use the payment machines.


Skiosk Smart

The Smart is the largest payment machine with every capability available. Cash, card and phone payments as standard, pick up service for online reservations and remote customer service. This payment machine is the only option for cash - both coins and notes - payments.

Skiosk Lite

The Lite is simple option for outdoors cashless payment machines. Add in the digital kiosk functionality and you get the ideal cost effective payment machine.

Skiosk Slim

The only specific indoor payment machine, integrating into your corporate architecture, ideal for business centres, airports, shopping centres and hotels. It serves as an all in one control dashboard.

Pay on Exit

Using either a Lite.Gate or a Power.Gate, the payment terminal for cashless payments can be added for the simplest of all payment machines.

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