For more than 20 years APT SKIDATA have been providing parking & mobility and stadium & attractions access solutions to customers in the UK.  

We are specialists in enhancing your customer’s journey and creating solutions specifically for your car parks, mobility hubs, stadiums and attractions.  

From Ecommerce platforms and payments, ANPR entry & exit solutions, parking control and electric vehicle charging to stadium attraction access, turnstiles and NFC eTickets. 

Whether you need hardware, software or cloud-based solutions, we have what your customers deserve.

We change the world of welcoming people. 


Parking as a Service

Your full service, hosted parking solution for a monthly subscription. Nothing to pay upfront. From a simple pay on exit car park to a 2 in, 2 out facility with pay machines, EV charging, pay in advance, pay now and mobile pay – all with ANPR. PaaS will simplify your parking.

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Whether you are a city with a large, multi-storey car park network or a rural town needing on street parking, we have your solution. Replace your pay and display, integrate EV charging, enhance your parking services with e-commerce and digital payments. Bring together your mixed-use environments to maximise your car park revenue.

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Boost your offering to shoppers by providing the ultimate parking experience. Simple and quick ANPR enabled entry, multiple physical and digital payment options, parking guidance, EV charging, e-commerce, contract parking and validations. Encourage more shoppers into your car parks, increase revenue and provide a safe and pleasant parking environment.

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Providing all your parking needs in an airport environment. The total airport parking ecosystem will ensure your airport accommodates all parkers. Full e-commerce pay in advance, pay now, and pay later, combined with physical and digital payment options as well as fully integrated EV charging to enable park and charge in one transaction.

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The healthcare parking solution that will streamline your operational efficiency and enhance your staff, patient, and visitor parking. It is the hassle-free parking experience for your hospital campus and combines ANPR for simply entry, physical and digital payments, appointment parking, A&E parking, and multiple staff parking subscriptions. Reduce the stress on your patients and staff, simplify the management for your ops teams.

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Manage your staff parking, student parking and visitor parking on a single platform. Create multiple subscription models for your staff and students to ensure all needs are covered as well as provide a simple department managed visitor parking solution. Add revenue by adding in EV charging bays and parking subscriptions for non-staff/students.

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Perfect access management begins at your customer’s home. Purchase event tickets online and use digital ticketing on smartphones for quick and simple entry into the stadium. Use our end-to-end entry solution or digitise your current turnstiles. Our stadium solution takes your needs into account, and the needs of your guests. Combine your guest access with our parking and EV charging solutions for the best guest experience.

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Venues & Attractions

Digital ticketing using NFC to enhance customer convenience added to rugged turnstiles to allow quick entry in any conditions, is the perfect welcome to your venue. Combine your venue entry with our parking and EV charging solutions and your customers will remember their visit for all the right reasons. Manage the entire solution online from anywhere increasing the efficiency of your operations teams.

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