We have been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge parking & mobility and stadium & attractions access solutions to our customers across the UK.

Specialising in enhancing every facet of your visitor’s journey, we craft bespoke solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of your car parks, mobility hubs, stadiums, and attractions.

Trust APT SKIDATA to redefine your customer experience, because when it comes to enhancing accessibility, we set the standard. 

We change the world of welcoming people. 


How we think

Visitor Journey

We are part of the journey. We are not the destination. We want to make sure that wherever your visitors are going – shopping, to the cinema, the gym or on holiday – the journey within the car park is hassle-free.


Visitor Experience

We want to make the car park the most forgettable experience. We don’t want your visitors to remember the car park. We want to get them to their destination with no delays. We want to get them out of the car park afterwards easily and quickly. We want them to remember their experience – their shopping trip, the film they watched, or the holiday they just returned from.



Visitor Interactions

We also want to make sure that every touchpoint, every interaction is simple. In order for the car park to be forgettable it has to be simple. Make the entry simple, make guidance simple, make payments – whether physical or digital – simple, 

the exit simple.


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Our Segments

Whether you are a town, a city, a shopping centre, an office, a hotel, an operator, a stadium or an attraction, we have you covered. Explore each of our tailored segments to discover the possibilities of what we can achieve together. Our expertise is each segment is second to none, and we’re here to enhance your environment and make your vision a reality. 

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Our Technology

We cover a wide range of technology. With ANPR entry & exit, physical & digital payments, ecommerce, digital signage, etickets and EV charging we will work with you develop the perfect technology solution for your car parks.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a core part of everything we do. From the way we manage our business to the solutions we sell, the environment, wellness and health & safety are key to our success.

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Experience Centre

The SKIDATA Experience Centre is a new way to welcome our customers and future customers into the world of parking and mobility, stadiums and attractions. 


Our solutions are designed to make sure your customers reach their final destination as efficiently as possible. We are part of your customers’ journey, whether that is going into a car park, or going into a stadium.

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