ANPR Entry and Exit


ANPR based entry that can be barriered to manage entry or freeflow to maximise ease of entry. ANPR based exit that can be barriered for full revenue protection or freeflow to maximise ease of exit. Ticketless for reduced operational cost or ticket reduced to allow for entry and exit even if the licence plate cannot be not read.


  • Improve Customer Flow
    Remove the need to stop the vehicle, open the window, press the button and get a ticket. Entry based upon the licence plate means your customers don’t have to wait. Their licence plate is the identifier. Just drive up to the entry, the licence plate will be read and the vehicle can proceed.
    Reduce the waiting times at entry but also at exit. Again, simple drive up to the exit, the licence plate is read and your customer can drive straight out.
  • Enhance Parking Services
    VIPs, contract parkers, staff parking. No need for additional RFID cards. Just create simple lists on the admin portal and all of regular customers will be able to enter and exit the car park with no issues.You can also get to know your customers. Who is parking in your car parks, when, and for how long. You can use this information effectively to offer promotions and discounts, customised to specific customer groups.
  • Ease of Operation
    Our ANPR solution is fully integrated into the SKIDATA parking system. Getting to know the administration, management and reporting is simple. You already know most of the platform, you will be using it all the time.Reduce the operational costs by installing the parking system and the ANPR system on one server. Centralising exception handling of rejections/corrections by connecting multiple car parks to the central portal.

Simple Solution

  1. Drive Up
    Drive your vehicle up to the barrier.
  1. Licence plate is read
    The barrier will open.
  1. Drive on
    Drive to your chosen space.
Your licence plate is your ticket

Benefits for you

  • The ANPR entry and exit solutions is the simplest way to get your customers in and out of your car parks. Reduce waiting times and increase the use of contactless entry and exit for optimal customer comfort. Using ANPR will minimise the use of tickets, reducing the need to order and manage the refilling of tickets, saving you time and money.
  • The solution is fully integrated into your SKIDATA parking system to ensure ease of operation. The central control, search and reporting functions will give you insights into your car parks as well as your customers.
  • Additional features such as notifications on doubtful recognitions, specific tariffs for specific licence plates and watch lists give you more control over your entry and exits as well as improving customer satisfaction.

Benefits for your customers

  • Your customers simply drive up, the barrier opens, they drive in. To pay, your customers enter their licence plate and pay using their chosen payment option. When your customers leave, they simply drive up, the barrier opens, they drive out.
  • There is no stopping, no waiting, and no tickets to lose. The licence plate is the only identifier your customers need.


Platetech Cameras

Select the right camera for your entry/exit. With multiple camera mounts - bollard, wall, pole and ceiling - available, the best option for your car park can be provisioned. Dual sensor cameras for infrared and colour overview, ensuring you have the optimum licence plate reading in all scenarios.

Entry & Exit

Protect your revenue and know who is in your car parks with barriers, or go full freeflow with a barrierless solution. Both solutions in conjunction with ANPR will give your customers the perfect journey into your car parks.


The software is fully integrated Into the Parking.Logic platform. From the base level ANPR through to central control & reporting, and on to advanced watch lists and plate rates, the SKIDATA ANPR solution will give you what you need for your car park.

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