EV Charging


The electric vehicle market is growing but there is a huge disparity in the number of vehicles compared to the number of chargers. we want to make EV charging available to everyone in places where everyone goes.

There has been a massive increase in electric vehicles over the last 4 years. There are around 1 million electric vehicles in the UK, with over 500K of those registered in 2021. It is estimated that there will be over 20 million electric vehicles by 2030.

There has also been a massive increase in the number of electric vehicle chargers over the last 4 years. There are around 22K chargers are now available, 4K of which are rapid chargers.

However, this means only 1 charger is available for every 43 electric vehicles.

There are many chargers all over the country, but they are provided by the manufacturers, or the large network providers. This usually means the obligatory app and subscription. Vehicle sat nav will direct you to the nearest “supported” charger, often not the closest charger.

We are changing the model. We are putting EV Chargers into the places where everyone goes. We are combining parking and charging to make it so easy to park and charge that it just becomes a habit to do so.

We have an opportunity to change the way we think about EV charging.

Manufacturers are going all out to get more EVs in the market. EV charger companies are going all out to get more EV chargers on major routes.

We need to go all out to get more EVs into our car parks. Provide cleaner spaces. Provide smarter “park & charge” solutions.

This is what we are doing.


  • Park and Charge with One Payment
    With no app to download, EV Charging is completely integrated. Your customers can now pay for parking and charging at the same time, on a pay machine or at the exit, using either their ticket or licence plate as the identifier.
  • Revenue Generation Direct to You
    There is no network to sign up with. The hardware is yours; the revenue is yours. There are multiple tariff options based upon time or consumption with base price, max charge and overstay available.
  • Enhance Your Green Credentials
    The EV market is growing with more than 500K vehicles registered in 2021. There is currently only 1 charger for every 43 vehicles. EV drivers are looking for chargers as part of their everyday journeys. Make EV charging available to everyone, in places where everyone goes.

Simple Solution

  1. Plug In
    Use your cable to connect your car to the ePlug.
  1. Identify
    Select the bay you are in and use your licence plate or scan your ticket to identify yourself on the eSelector.
  1. Charge
    Leave your vehicle to charge while you get on with your day.
  1. Pay
    Pay together with your parking fee using the pay machine.
  1. Unplug
    Unplug your cable and make your way to the exit.
As simple as parking

Benefits for you

  • There are no additional 3rd party integrations for payments. It is completely integrated into Parking Logic. This means that every space used for EV Charging is an additional source or revenue.
  • No networks, no 3rd parties mean you own the hardware, the solution, and the revenue stream.
  • Management and control are standard. if you can navigate Parking.Logic, you already know how to use eCharge.

Benefits for your customers

  • Charging and parking can be paid for in a single payment, on the same ticket.
  • Simply park and charge and payment can be at the machine or on exit.
  • There are no networks to sign up to, no contracts to agree to and no apps to download.
  • Both 7KW and 22KW charging is available on a standard Type 2 plug, so most electric vehicles can be charged up quickly, or during a longer parking session.



The ePlug can be either wall or pedestal mounted with options for double and triangle pedestals. Charging is via a standard type 2 connector to a maximum of 22KW.

Power is provided by a 3 phase 400v AC power for 22KW or single phase for 7KW and both options can have power from the top or back.

With a primary and secondary model, you can have 1 primary and up to 15 secondaries on one eSelector.


The eSelector is a 7" touchscreen device welcoming customers with fully guided charging instructions.

It can use either a barcode, QR code or licence plate to initiate charging.

Being powered by either 24V DC or POE+, as well as having either software or hardware intercom, there are many options to make sure the eSelector fits into your environment.


The EV charging platform is not an additional solution. It is not even a bolt on to Parking.Logic. It is integrated into Parking.Logic.

This means no need to adapt to new software or different processes.

The entire system is configured, monitored, and controlled centrally including tariff management.

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