Digital Tickets


E-ticketing lets you take advantage of the digital world and meet customers expectations. The smartphone is now at the centre of our lives. The rapid adoption of travel passes, covid vaccinations & payments by phone has opened the door for tickets to wallet.

Our integrations with Apple Wallet and Google Pay mean delivery of dynamic passes to mobile devices could not be easier or quicker for your business & customers.

Our e-Ticket service generates and e-mails electronic tickets safely and securely. We coordinate the integration of various wallets and ticket technologies, as well as ensuring reliable delivery, on your behalf.

Easy, economical & efficient delivery and management allows your business and ticketing partners to concentrate on core functions. With sWeb e-Ticket we are here to take care of the hard work for you. Just sit back and enjoy the smooth, cost-efficient SKIDATA integrated solution.

Digital access via e-tickets is easy and super-fast. Delivered straight to your customers smartphone so they are at their fingertips whenever they need them. Your customers simply choose their preferred delivery mode: Apple Wallet, Google Pay or Print@Home

Convenient and standards-based native standard apps such as Apple Wallet and Google Pay make e-tickets as easy to use as a boarding pass. There’s no need for you to negotiate separate deals with the major providers – we take care of that for you.

Individual, flexible & secure the interactive e-tickets can include additional information and Internet links and can even be updated after sending. The authentication mechanism ensures that only the buyer can download the e-ticket.


  • Fraud Prevention
    Identify who is entering your stadium, with data you control
    Open a direct communication channel to your ticket holders and gain full insight on your ticket operations
    With NFC technology, offer enhanced tickets that cannot be copied opticallyEnsure your guests’ ticket validities while protecting your security operations.
  • Eliminate Ticket Handling Costs
    Go mobile: Secure e-tickets stored on your guests’ mobile phones replace conventional paper tickets/RFID cards
    Sending e-tickets saves you time and money: it removes ticket logistics such as ordering, supplying or exchanging tickets
    Gain confidence in your ticketing solution from full integrations with the leading mobile phone wallet app providersEffectively lower your costs for tickets and their handling, while your guests benefit from the ease and simplicity of a mobile phone ticket.
  • Increase Convenience and Speed
    Improve usability: automatically, the guest’s relevant mobile ticket is pre-populated at the gate
    Guests can easily access their tickets from a locked screen
    Enable the possibility to change ticket info with real time updatesEasily impress your guests with up- to-the-minute ticket information on their mobile phones for the quickest possible entry experience.

Simple Solution

  1. Online Ticket Shop
    Guests purchase tickets through their usual online experience.
  1. Sweb E-Ticket
    The ticket is delivered via email to the guest. Simply click on the link to add the ticket to the mobile wallet app.
  1. Flex.Gate
    Once at the event, the guest simply holds the phone near the reader. That’s it. All Set. Guests are on their wy inside safely and efficiently.
Your phone is your ticket

Benefits for you

  • The e-tickets are interactive so you can add additional information about your event or Internet links. Tickets already sent can be updated at any time meaning you can reach your guest directly. You can use the e-ticket as a platform for advertising or displaying sponsor logos to make additional turnover.
  • You can save logistics and time. By sending e-tickets over the Internet you can reduce work and avoid shipping costs. Your customers have the ticket available immediately on their phones.
  • All the technical processes from the integration of the various wallets and ticket technologies to the secure delivery of e-tickets to the end customer are included. An authentication mechanism ensures that tickets can only be downloaded by the purchaser.

Benefits for your customers

  • Your phone is your ticket so your guests will never forget it. Information about the event can be pushed to the phone via the ticket, ensuring your guests are always up to date.
  • Using NFC on either Google or Apple devices entry into events is touch-free an lightning fast with automatic selection of the relevant ticket.


Gates & Readers

Using either the combined door.gate readers & flex.gate solution, or readers with existing gates, this simple solution adds eTicketing to your venue.

Sweb E-Ticket

Fully integrated into your ticketing partner, Sweb eTickets is your digital gateway, moving ticketing into the digital world.

On either Apple of Google devices your digital tickets will be instantly available to your guests with authentication meaning the ticket is issued only to the purchaser.

Notifications can be delivered by date, by geo-location & if installed, at the entrance using bluetooth beacons.


The all-in-one access management solution creating a convenient and secure experience for your guests.

Flexible configuration of access zones, both before and during operations, reducing fraud and ticket mishandling with monitoring of ticket and access transactions, as well as protecting your venue with enhanced safety and security features.

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