Do you remember the days when managing a car park estate spread across the country meant managing every single car park in your estate as individual car parks? Onsite resources, disparate teams, no centralisation, dialling in to each individual site server to manage each individual site. Those days are gone.

Our control solution delivers the next generation of management for your teams. Completely web based showing every device in every car park in your estate.

With a fully hosted service you can staff your centralised control room with the necessary expertise, devoted to compliance, and the ability to meet and maintain compliance. Outages and downtimes will rapidly decrease due with mobile based notifications ensuring your car parks are fully functional 24×7.


  • Increase Efficiency and Performance
    Whether you have one car park to manage or hundreds, control will give you management anywhere from any Internet enabled device. Control is the tool to centrally monitor and operate multiple carparks. One portal and one solution to learn. Save costs & efforts and standardise service levels across your car park estate. Advanced tools ensure you have full visibility of every device for every location from any location. You can lower your training needs by only having one platform to deploy and learn.
  • Automate & Reduce Reaction Time
    Enhanced Rules and Workflow Management – out of the box standard and customisable. Handle the complexity of different facilities and car parks by providing automated monitoring and control, managing all your parking sites and devices in real-time. Standardise reaction of incidents and events by using automatic pre-defined prioritisation and classification of messages based on the type of incident, device and issue. Reduce the workload time to process tasks and increase staff efficiency with automated workflows.
  • 3rd Party Control
    Monitor, control and automate other parking systems from vendors such as S&B, Designa & Amano as well as parking sub-systems such as intercoms & CCTV and other systems such as fire alarms & building automation. Sweb Control is your single pane of glass for controlling your estate.

Simple Solution

  1. Control Anywhere
    Web based, centralised control giving you full access to every car park on your estate.
  1. Automated Efficiency
    Semi automated workflows ensuring notifications and immediate actions direct to the right resource.
  1. Single Pane of Glass
    Parking, CCTV, intercoms, fire and building automation in one solution.

Benefits for you

  • Ready-to-use solution including monitoring and scheduling features and out-of-the-box workflows and task templates based on SKIDATA’s best practice-experience.
  • With existing solutions, you need to log in to each facility separately whereas with our car park control solution you always have full transparency and control over your whole operations. With workflows and tasks, the solution additionally offers a strong toolset to control, standardise and automate operations in your carpark. Ultimately, this helps you provide better service to your customers by identifying and solving issues faster and better.
  • By hosting the control solution in the cloud, we can ensure that you always have the latest version, the each release is always of the highest quality and that the services are always running thanks to our high-availability data centres.

Benefits for your customers

    • When customers go to a car park, they expect everything to work. When components don’t work, everybody gets frustrated. Tickets run out, barriers don’t open, payment machines offline. This can all happen, but what makes the control solution so beneficial is that all the components are monitored and if there is an issue, the right person at the right time is notified and any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.


      Infrastructure View

      Quick access to all your carparks’ data and commands right when you need it. With the Navigation pane you can view system health showing high level carpark overview and detail view with real-time search and filters. With Map pane view you can visualize the location and status of each carpark and device and accept intercom calls & show the device CCTV feed. The Tile pane views gives you an alternative visualization of each carpark and device while the Context pane shows you context-specific relevant information & commands right at your fingertips.


      Use tasks to tell your staff what needs to be done with what priorities. Tasks are based on events and incidents from the parking system and sweb Control out-of-the-box includes task templates based on SKIDATA best practice. Tasks can also be customized to custom fit your operational needs and can be (semi-)automated with workflows.

      Intercom Handling

      Visualize “ringing” devices directly on map/tile view with the global list of all incoming calls always visible. Unfold the global list to show details about incoming calls and accept a call either directly from device icon or from the global list. In the device’s context pane you have easy access to information and commands to help the caller and you can navigate to other parts of sweb Control and the call window will remain open.


      Create and access custom dashboards to fit user-specific information requirements and use widgets to populate your dashboards with carpark counter information and video feeds. Put dashboards up on additional monitors to always keep the data in sight.

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