Solution Subscription


We have a tradition of paying for hardware and software upfront. And then, when the software version changes, we pay for the upgrade. If we want additional services, or functionality, we pay for it, upfront. This is the traditional parking way that has been around too long.

What if there was a different way, a better way? A solution that means you pay nothing for your software upfront. A solution that means you never pay for version upgrades again. A solution that includes all the core software and functionality to deploy, manage, report, and digitise your car parks.

Subscription Solutions enables you to always be up to date for a transparent monthly subscription.


  • Reduce Upfront Payments
    No initial capital investment needed, no hidden costs. Instead of having to make an up-front investment, you can rely on full transparency and predictability of costs.
  • Full Package of Solutions
    The solution comes by default with functionality you would not expect in a standard parking system. You easily manage various access options (tickets, key cards, ticketless / license plate – or combination of all), easy tariff management, central operation of all car parks, as well as digital parking fee validation and payment options – including payment by mobile phone without any app or registration.
  • Maintain Software Versions
    The monthly subscription covers everything: All software installations, licenses, updates, and maintenance are included – to keep your system always up-to-date and on highest security standards.
  • Add Revenue Generating Solutions
    Optional add-on modules to grow your revenues for example with your own EV-charging business, offering a parking web shop and convenient parking guidance for your customers, or powerful analytics to know more about your customers and optimise your business.

Simple Solution

  1. Choose Your Hardware
    We will work with you to design the car park you and your customers need ensuring the right hardware is included.
  1. Choose The Standard Solutions You Want To Deploy
    From the core parking management to e-commerce and digital payments, we will define your customer’s journey, giving you maximum revenue possibilities and you customer’s the best experience.
  1. Choose The Advanced Solutions You Want To Deploy
    In addition to the core solutions included in the subscription, you may want to add some of the advanced solutions into the subscription – EV Charging, parking guidance or 3rd party system control.

Benefits for you

  • You don’t pay for software and services upfront so the cost to deploy your car park is greatly reduced. With ongoing subscriptions at a fixed price, you will also know your operational costs every month. There will be no more licences, no more version upgrades. Everything is included in the subscription.
  • The subscription solution includes functionality to your car parks. Prebooking, pay per use and validations are all included. Add advanced subscriptions for EV charging when you are ready.

Benefits for your customers

  • Turn a standard car park into a digital environment offering your customers more options to pay in advance with a booking or subscription, pay now with digital payments & autopay, and charge their EV all in a single payment.

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