Gathering together all the necessary data has always been an issue. The data needed for reporting is distributed, not ready-to-use and must be edited first. This can lead to human errors due to manual steps in data collection. It would be great to have one central system where all necessary data is collected automatically, ideally with long term data storage.

Interpretation of the data gathered has always been an onerous task. The data is not easy to understand, reports do not show exactly what is needed and the information is spread over various reports. It would be great to have a system where ready-to-use reports are displayed in way that they are easy to understand, ideally with all the information available in a single dashboard.

There has always been a dependency on experts to create reports containing the necessary information. Those experts are rare and it takes a long time until the information is ready. It would be great to have a system customisable dashboards with simple drag & drop, ideally by anyone, anywhere.


Realize the full potential of your key performance figures with a flexible dashboard solution. Easily customise your relevant data and gain detailed insights on financial and operational patterns for effective decision making.


  • Drag & drop customisation
    With the optional “Customise” module, easily individualise the dashboards to match your specific requirements, using a drag & drop feature to immediately see the information you really need.
  • Trend analyses
    Discover and interpret meaningful patterns, allowing you to more precisely assess future developments and to identify opportunities and risks earlier.
  • Analytics & Self-Service Business Intelligence
    Discover and interpret meaningful patterns in data for effective decision making.

Simple Solution

  1. Well Informed – Anywhere, Anytime
    Responsive dashboards cover data from all your facilities and displays information at your fingertips, on any device – whenever you need it. All it takes is an internet connection – no need for extra software.
  1. Centralized data
    Data from all your car parks are gathered together automatically, proofed and displayed in consolidated dashboards. This reduces time and error caused by manual consolidation of data from different facilities.
  1. Ready-to-use Management Dashboards
    Key figures and business data is clearly presented on management dashboards designed for interactive use. At a glance, capture all the important figures needed for your target-oriented analysis.

Benefits for you

  • Facility Performance Evaluation
    Compare the performance of your facilities and car parks. Which facilities have the highest occupancy rates? Where are the peaks in each category? Are there any underperforming car parks?With these key figures in mind, you can balance car access flows and plan your facilities for the best optimised operation.
  • Efficient device utilization and cashier activity
    Check the frequency of individual devices. Is the usage of the payment devices balanced or is it concentrated on a few devices while others stay unused? What is the revenue per cashier? Which lanes are heavily used while others nearly stay empty?With these key figures, direct the usage of your devices, optimize the use of your personnel, save costs and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Product portfolio optimization
    Compare your existing products. What are your high-performing revenues streams and what are your slow performers? Where are these products sold? When and how are they used?With these key figures in mind, you can adapt your product portfolio to perfectly match your goals.

Benefits for your customers

    • When customers go to a car park, they expect everything to work. With our control solution you can ensure everything is monitored and if there is an issue, the right person can resolve it. With Analyze, the car park efficiency can be monitored and analysed to ensure the optimum performance so that every customer has the best parking experience.


      Overview Dashboard

      Receive a quick overview of the current year in comparison to the previous your for the most relevant key figures.

      Revenue In-Depth Analysis

      Analyse your revenue and sales figures an a broad range of available data at the detail level you need. Drill down into more details wherever you like.

      Access In-Depth Analysis

      Analyse your access figures on a broad range of available data at the detail level you need.

      Occupancy In-Depth Analysis

      Get a quick overview of the occupancy of your car parks and analyse your occupancy figures on a broad range of available data at the detail level you need. Drill down into more details wherever you like.

      Payment In-Depth Analysis

      Analyse your payment figures by payment type and sub-payment type on a broad range of available data. Drill down into more details wherever you like.

      Drag & Drop Individualization

      Create your analysis by moving the relevant fields by drag & drop to the preferred place in the pivot-table.

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