This week we are talking to our boss, Steve Murphy. Let’s dive straight in…

How did you get to be at APT SKIDATA?

I have previously worked in Operations for 20 years and Product Management for 2 years prior to joining APT SKIDATA.

I joined as Head of Operations and was promoted to Managing Director in 2020.

Take us through a typical day

I know its a cliche, but its true, no two days are the same. Some parts of the month are focussed around the finances and reporting of those to both SWARCO and SKIDATA, other times of the month are focussed on operations and how we work.

Most of my time, however, is focussed on customers; the needs of their customers and what they need to be successful.

Some may say I’m interfering, but when a customer shows frustration or dissatisfaction, that is rarely at a person or employee, it is that something in our business has not met those needs. So the constant evolution of what we offer added to customer feedback is essential to meet and grow with our customers.

What motivates you through the day?

I enjoy working with the customers. Building the relationship, trust, and reassurance that we are a brand that supports them.

Also, identifying new opportunities, coming up with new ideas of how we can work together as a team, and how that impacts our customers is key to my motivation.

What do you most enjoy about your role and what do you find the most challenging?

I think the team I work with.

I look forward to going into the office every day. There is always something new to hear, see and discuss. I take great pride in all the teams in APT SKIDATA, and seeing how the teams work together makes me enjoy my role even more.

The area I find most challenging is around finance. It doesn’t come naturally to me, so I have to work hard at it. Thankfully I have a great finance teams in APT SKIDATA and SWARCO.

What advice would you give someone who is considering seeking a career in this role and within this industry?

I think this role is great for someone who likes taking responsibility for others.

Whilst the teams are working, it is my responsibility to ensure that everyone is  safe. That comes with a significant amount of stress, consideration and care.

I also think that someone who likes diversity in a role would succeed in this. There isn’t a day the same and the discussions are quick and dynamic. One minute we could be talking about new cars and the next a trade show, then a customer complaint or compliment.

However, seeing a business flourish, seeing customers fourish, and seeing teams & individuals flourish, is by far the biggest reward I could ask for.

Finally, what do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started out your career?

There is more than one side to every story or view. Never accept the thing I hear first as gospel.

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