Barrier Free


Barriered car parks are perfect for most environments. However there are times when barriers may not suit your car park. In these instances, barrier free parking is the perfect solution. It is unobstructed, touchless parking. Remove the barriers, remove the tickets and allow your customers to pay for their parking onsite with Mobile Pay, automatically on exit with Pay Now or in the comfort of their own home after they have left the car park with Pay Later.


  • Ultimate parking experience
    The customer journey does not get any easier. No waiting, anywhere. Simply drive straight into the car park and enjoy your day. Multiple digital payment options gives your customers anonymous payments with mobile pay, automatic payments with registered pay per use and pay later online with 48 hours of leaving the car park. Whichever option your customers use, the journey into and out of the car park is uninhibited. Completely free flowing.
  • Reduction in onsite operating costs
    The daily routines of traditional parking setup eats up your resources. Checking columns, pay stations, re-filling tickets, removing jams, checking money levels and supporting parkers with entry, exit, when tickets get lost. This can be significantly reduced by implementing a FreeFlow solution with digital payment options.
  • Digital transformation with no risks
    Fully compatible with your existing parking installation, you will keep ownership of your customer data (no sharing with 3rd party web shop provider). You can transform a classic hardware-based parking system into a flexible and efficient digital system.

Simple Solution

  1. Drive In Without Stopping
    No barriers, no stopping.
  1. Park
    Pay On Site with mobile pay.
  1. Drive Out Without Stopping
    Subscribe to use Pay Now with Autopay or use Pay Later to pay at home.

Benefits for you

  • The benefits to you are simple. You have less equipment to manage, less equipment to maintain and less moving parts in your car parks. No barriers & gates and no cash payment machines means your operational costs will be reduced. With full integration into enforcement providers, and full control over enforcement, you will transform your car parks into free flowing digital hubs.

Benefits for your customers

  • Barrier Free is the ultimate parking experience. The simplest digital payment options combined with the ability to just drive in, park and leave ensures your customers will always want to park in your car parks.


ANPR Entry & Exit

No gates, no barriers, just a camera at the entrance and a camera at the exit.

Pay on Site, Autopay or Pay Later

The choice is yours. What is best for your customers? Use pay machines for physical payment & Mobile Pay for digital payment on site. Use registered users for autopay on exit. Or, use Pay Later to give your customers the option to pay within 48 hours.


The core parking management solution. The freeflow solution is not additional. It is not even a bolt on to Parking.Logic. It is integrated into Parking.Logic.

This means no need to adapt to new software or different processes.

The entire system is configured, monitored and controlled centrally including tariff management.

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