Nottingham CC RH app release

APT Skidata

Dedicated app simplifies parking permit renewals for Nottingham drivers


Drivers in Nottingham can now buy and renew their parking permits through Nottingham City Council’s parking app – RHParking – following the ongoing development of the app by APT SKIDATA, one of the UK’s leading parking solutions providers.

The new ‘permits module’ within APT SKIDATA’s bespoke RHParking app will help commuters and other regular users of the city’s car parks to easily renew or cancel their parking permit each month; the app will only allow a permit to be renewed if there are sufficient funds to do so.

Karen Day, Service Manager – Parking Services at Nottingham City Council – says that paper permits were previously renewed via direct debit: “As the process now takes place within the app, it prevents customers from unwittingly falling into debt which was a problem in the past,” she explains.

“We are providing an innovative technological solution to improve the customer experience, but it also means that we’ll no longer need to chase up failed payments which reduces our own workload. This means my team is free to focus on other tasks.”

The RHParking app was launched at the beginning 2020 to allow for contactless payments and improve people and traffic flows. It also allows some Council-owned parking facilities to offer secure parking areas with access managed through the app.

Steve Murphy, APT SKIDATA Managing Director, said: “By working closely in partnership with Nottingham City Council, we have provided the technology to bring the city’s multi-story car parks into a single ecosystem. The app has created a clear audit trail and helped to increase efficiency. We look forward to continue working with the Council to build on these gains and help the team centralise the city’s transport options.”

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